Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Highland Games

I paid a visit to the Highland Games at Watson Lake Park this morning, a festival of all things Scottish.

Gaining a lot of attention was the caber toss, in which contestants hoist a 23-foot-long wooden pole, take a few steps and try to throw it in such a way that it tumbles end over end.

It's not easy to do at all but just try doing it while wearing a skirt! O.K., I know they're called kilts and they're traditional Scottish garb. And I would never think of making fun of them. These guys are strong.

Then there are the Jacobites, who brought weapons.

There was traditional musical entertainment, provided by a group called the Knockabouts, from Flagstaff.

I couldn't help wonder if this lassy might have turned up at the wrong festival.

But the fellow wearing this shirt was definitely in the right place!