Thursday, April 24, 2008


Neither I nor SWMBO can remember what these things are called. They look like tiny roses so this year we're calling it the rosette plant. But, with the exception of the Vinca, it's usually the first thing that shows blossoms in our front garden. And it just seems to explode from nothing to fully covered with blossoms overnight.

It makes old sunny face (on the left) smile a bit.


  1. I wonder if that is Queen Anne's Lace. If so, I'm pretty sure it's from the rose family.

  2. If my wife was here I bet she could identify it. I'll have to ask her to look at it tonight.

  3. I take back my original post. I'm betting it's Lady Bank's Rose. I knew it was some kind of courtly name. Same rose bush they have in Tombstone.

  4. SWMBO says Lady Bank's Rose is the correct name.

    And you, quilteddogs, win ...................... undying gratitude!


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