Sunday, August 10, 2014


Highlight of the day from yesterday's third round of the PGA Championship.

Australian golfer Jason Day hooked his drive on the second hole far to the left, across a creek and into thick weeds on the far side.  After a television broadcaster and his caddy waded across and located and identified his ball, Day gamely removed his shoes and socks and rolled his pants up to mid-thigh.  He then waded the creek and struggled through the weeds to his ball.  Neatly catching a club his caddy tossed to him over the creek, Day then went to work.  

He hacked the ball out of the weeds and into the rough on the other side of the fairway.  (Second shot)  He then waded back across the creek, dried his feet, re-donned his socks and shoes, rolled down his pants and proceeded.  

He then struck his ball up onto the green.  (Third shot)  Next he calmly sank a 12-foot putt for a par four. Probably one of the most unlikely pars this tournament will see.

It was fun to watch.

As the commercial says "these guys are good!"