Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Christmas came to the Catalyst's house yesterday, Gentle Readers.

SWMBO put up her holiday display.

The tricycle and the wagon and the toys and the trees and the snow are all in place.

'Course when you have an inquisitive cat around the house you have to go miniature size and forego the big tree with all those tempting lights and ornaments.

Santa, or as I prefer to call him Saint Nicholas, dominates the scene.

A bit later I grew ambitious and set up the Las Vegas-style Christmas lighting extravaganza out on and around the front porch.

Brace yourselves and protect your eyes, Gentle Readers, as I unveil my handiwork.

It's only a string of clear lights connected to a string of multi-colored lights, connected to a stray string of chili lights.

But, hey!

It's all about the Christmas spirit, isn't it?

Speaking of which, one time many years ago we visited SWMBO's parents at their retirement home in Florida.

On Christmas morning, her father quietly said "Come outside with me."

I followed him out and met his neighbor from across the street who slyly asked "How about a little Christmas?" as he led us to his garage.

There, at probably 9 o'clock in the morning, he produced a bottle of whiskey and some glasses and poured us all a toast to the new day.

He had lots of neighbors and he was a gregarious guy.

I think he toasted Christmas quite a bit that day.