Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A long time friend, Seattle Lori, wrote after yesterday's blog to say that she didn't know I had interviewed John Wayne.

I thought sure I had bragged told her about it.

But here's the proof, from 1975 on his back patio overlooking the bay in Newport Beach.

"C'mon, don't touch my knee!"

"Timmer, Is this guy really a reporter?"

"Isn't it about time for you to leave?

Incidentally, again in reference to yesterday's post, Timmer  . . who took these pictures . . wrote and said it wasn't his first trip to California but probably his first trip to Newport Beach.

Now reversing course a bit, here are some more pictures taken at various places on the Mexican Pacific Coast where Hurricane Patricia came ashore this week.

These were all taken when we lived in Mexico during the 1980's.

One of my first friends in Mexico, Bob, and, yeah, I was probably just as skeptical about whatever he was telling me than I appear to be in the photo.

The previously mentioned Philomena, proprietress of Los Pelicanos bar and restaurant in Melaque and, Judy noted below this picture, "story teller".

One can only wonder what story she was telling this time but since she was holding a gun on us we listened politely.

Boat-mates Bea and Harry with my beautiful bride.

B and H are wearing their "sand dollar" t-shirts in reference to the name of Harry's boat, Sand Dollar II. I'm not sure what happened to Sand Dollar I.

Harry whistling a new companion to attention. He had a way with parrots. And with people.

Before he retired to the "yachtie life" in Mexico, he was some kind of nuclear engineer in New Mexico.

We went sailing a couple of times on Harry's boat.

Great guy, gone now I think.