Sunday, December 23, 2012


As I've said many a time the thing I like best about the holidays is the food.  Here's a pre-Christmas meal SWMBO made last night.  ('Course, this is good any time of the year!)

Start with a couple of hamburger patties in a hot black iron skillet with some oil.

They brown up pretty fast.  Then top them with some Cheddar cheese.

A couple of minutes until the cheese begins to melt.  

Add them to a couple of big buns.

Some pre-caramelized onions have been waiting patiently.

Top the burgers with the onions and add a side of baked beans.

Salt and pepper potato chips from Trader Joe's make a delicious additive to your plate.

Warning!  This meal is not for vegetarians.  But if you have a semi-vegetarian you can always add some of Ronald Reagan's favorite vegetable.  (Also a favorite of my pal Tess.)

Ahhhh!  A meal fit for a king.  Or a queen.

And then . . . as the Gratuitous Critters would have it . . . perhaps a nap, eh?

"Ho hum!"