Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I know I (hardly) ever post twice in one day but then I saw this video of The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, and Superstar Taylor Swift. They're doing a cake-baking competition while Jamie sings (sort of) his version of Taylor's latest hit song "Shake It Off."  It's pretty funny and Ms. Swift looks sensational.  Enjoy.


There are those among us who believe our life on Earth is coming to a close. Not soon but in the foreseeable future. Thus they are searching for new planets on which to establish a colony of earthlings. One of the sites being talked about as a new Earth is the planet Mars, long known as the Red Planet because of the coloration of the soil. Recent discoveries there have led to the belief that there was once water on the planet, a building block to life as we know it. The first humans to land on Mars may be many decades away but it is still an interesting proposition.  Can human life actually be established on Mars? Only future scientists will know for certain.