Tuesday, April 26, 2016


In 1972, our nuclear family set off from Indianapolis to move to Phoenix.

We headed out with high hopes but knowing no one and having no commitments for jobs in the new city and state that none of us had ever seen.

It was going to be a new life.

We didn't travel very fast.

I was driving a new Chevrolet Corvan and trailing a 16 foot U-Haul trailer packed to the gunnels.

Judy's kids followed us in a 1950 Dodge school bus that had been converted into a camper.

We stopped for lunch at a picnic site somewhere in Missouri.

Eventually, after nearly a week of traveling we arrived in Phoenix.

In July.

I can remember watching a television newscast one night early after our arrival from the station where I later went to work.

The anchorman said "Good evening and good morning, it's midnight and 100 degrees in Phoenix."

We survived it and many travails ahead and spent 15 years there before moving on.

Once again.