Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have lived in Arizona, off and on since 1972, for a total of 34 years.  So, being 72 years old, and never having lived anywhere else for as long as 34 years . . I consider myself an Arizonan.  But I have to say this: my state's senior U.S. Senator is an angry old man who ought to retire.  76 year old John McCain appears to have never gotten over being drubbed by Barack Obama in his presidential run four years ago.  It seems he picks fights with the President at every opportunity.  Frankly I am sick of seeing his scowling face on my television screen as he delivers another screed.  

Currently he and his buddy from South Carolina, Senator Lindsay Graham, have said they want a Watergate-style investigation of the attack in Benghazi, Libya that took the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens and two other Americans.  The not-so-dynamic duo have also come out saying they absolutely will do everything in their power to prevent Susan Rice from becoming the next Secretary of State because of her early statements about the Benghazi attack.

President Obama, at his news conference today, addressed the McCain and Graham attacks on Rice, saying . . . if they want to pick a fight let them pick it with me.

Numerous administration officials have said repeatedly that Ms. Rice made her statements based on what was known at the time.  She did not, as Graham and McCain would have it, lie to the American people.

But I have wandered.  I realize that up until this election, Arizona has been a reliably conservative Republican state in the last few years.  But I also heard the pundits this year who said Arizona will be a swing state by 2016.  Coincidentally that will be the year we will see if the then 80 year old McCain will run for reelection once again.  For the sake of my sanity, I certainly hope not.

Today's Gratuitous Critter picture reminds me of McCain's scowling glare.