Sunday, December 11, 2016


The robins I was surprised to find in my birth bath about a week ago are still hanging around, it seems.

As I noted then I was a bit surprised to see them at this time of year.

But here's proof, in a couple of photos I shot just this morning.

As you can see he loves the water.

A bit later, this forlorn looking creature was perched on the side of the bath for a very long time.

The puffy bird would occasionally take a sip of the water but didn't get in for a bath like the other one did.

And I couldn't tell if it was a female or immature robin or some other type of bird.

It doesn't have the streamlined but stocky image of the robin though so I'm stumped.

If there are any budding ornithologists among you Gentle Readers with more wisdom than I, let me know what you think.