Thursday, March 2, 2017


Some of you Gentle Readers may recall my telling you about our little cat, Muggles, and her apparently final sickness awhile back.

If you need a memory jog you can find it here.

She was seeming to be on a glide path to the Great Beyond before she began once again to eat and drink tiny amounts.


Never let a cat fool you.

In the past couple of months she has been eating like a horse, drinking lots of water and putting on the weight she had lost.

Her cough has nearly disappeared and she seems back to her old self, most of the time.

Today her big bully brother Blackwell came up to cower her into leaving "her spot" on the bed and got a smack in the face for his trouble.

I didn't witness it but SWMBO said he backed off with a stunned look on his face.

(Actually, I don't know how a cat can have a stunned look on his face but I do not contest SWMBO's telling of the story.)

So anyway, here is Muggles today, up on the cat perch studying things outside the window.

She is still "junior sized" but she's always been that way.

And here (in Muggles' spot on the bed) is her big bully brother Blackwell.

Our cats.

We love 'em but the title of this post says it all.