Wednesday, November 23, 2016


For "foodies" tomorrow is one of the most important days of the year.

It's supposed to be a day for giving thanks for any and every thing good in your life.

But it has evolved into a day to overeat, usually of turkey and a variety of foods that accompany it.

Dressing (cooked outside of the turkey) and/or stuffing (cooked inside of the turkey), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, various vegetable dishes, cranberries in a variety of forms, olives, onions, cheese, crackers, bread, rolls, and on and on.

Dessert?  Always pie.  Pumpkin pie is the traditional one.  But sometimes sweet potatoe pie, apple, cherry, blueberry, pecan (in the American south mainly), maybe peach, or whatever.

Or cheesecake.

We're doing our traditional, non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.

We haven't done a full turkey for years, decades maybe.

Since turkey breasts became available in supermarkets, that has been our turkey dinner of choice.

But tomorrow, SWMBO is preparing Spatchcocked (butterflied) Chicken instead of turkey.

We discovered that dish in the past year and we both like it, probably better than turkey.

Alongside the turkey, er, chicken the accompanying dishes will be the same as if we actually had the turkey.

We will be only the two of us.

The BRD has been overwhelmed this year as she and her Beau Jack move into a new home so they will dine separately from us whenever they get the time.

Thanksgiving can be a day fraught with peril, as members of one's extended family get together with all of their disparate views on the news of the day.

Arguments can develop, feelings can be hurt.

Which makes our feasting day this year all the easier.

And it has another value.

SWMBO is making a pumpkin pie today or tomorrow but she made an apple pie yesterday.

And since we are just the two of us, we didn't have to wait for the big day.

We cut it and had the first pieces last night!

Happy Thanksgiving, Gentle Readers.