Sunday, March 16, 2014


You've probably all heard about dairy farmers playing music in the barn during milking sessions with their cows.  Supposedly it relaxes the animals and makes the milking process easier.  But look at what happens when a group of jazz musicians begin playing near a pasture in Autrans, France.


The annual Navajo Rug and Indian Art Auction was held yesterday at the Smoki Museum in Prescott.  I stopped by briefly and took some pictures.

This is one of the rugs up for auction bidders.

Many others awaited their turn to go under the gavel.

Other items at the auction were Hopi Katsina (kachina) dolls, baskets, pottery and even a Native American cradle board for carrying an infant on her mother's back.

This beautiful "story pot" sold for $475 after some spirited bidding.

The auctioneer said many of the prices were far below true value so the successful bidders went away with smiles on their faces.