Sunday, September 7, 2014


It doesn't happen very often, when your kids are scattered.  But my big brother had all four of his, husbands, wives and assorted grandkids "home" for the Labor Day weekend in Minot, North Dakota.

My brother, Wayne (age 82!) is in the green shirt in the back row just right of center.  His sons, Larry, brown shirt on left, from Minot; Tim, white goatee and cap, back row, Snohomish, Washington; Barry, seated behind his wife, St. Paul, Minnesota; and his daughter Loretta, behind Barry, Minot.)

Apparently they had quite a feed at Larry's house with food he grows and apparently raises.

Barry's wife, Amy, shows off a horseradish plant.

The boys (Tim, Larry and Barry) plucking chickens.

And an assortment of Larry's home-grown potatoes.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the finished product but with the cooks in that family, I'm sure it was delicious.

Happy belated Labor Day!