Tuesday, November 7, 2017


For the second time (that I know of) our bird bath had a non-Avian visitor this morning.

The big fluffy orange and white neighbor calmly strolled across the yard, climbed up on the back of the Blue Cat and balanced herself with her front paws while drinking long and steady.

I had seen her do this one other time recently.

This time it was Blackwell, gazing longingly out through my window, that alerted me to the visitor's presence.

When she had finished drinking, she got down and started away until I tapped on the window.

Then she walked across the yard again to come up to the slider in SWMBO's room.

Blackwell dived down and scurried into the other room to see what she was up to and met her nose to nose.

Muggles, from her vantage point on the bed, also got a look.

There is never a dull moment when one has cats in and around the house.