Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I've never been inside an IKEA store, the Swedish furniture giant. But when we lived in Phoenix my wife and her daughter made a visit to the big store fairly near where we lived. SWMBO said it was the most confusing place she had ever gone to shop and she had to ask an employee how to find her way out of the place.  I suppose it's good marketing, thinking that people will spot other stuff they just have to have while they're working their way through the maze.  But I know the two gals never made a second visit.  Herewith, then, is a diagram of the typical IKEA store.

Talk about rats in a maze.

On a gentler note, here's a place beloved by the thousands of children who have been dragged through one of those many arts and crafts fairs on "The Square" in Prescott on a hot summer day.

The fence that surrounds the fountain keeps youngsters and dogs out but it's low enough to allow arms to reach in and touch the water.  A blessing in Arizona.