Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Today I'll show you several pictures I took of strange things in the sky over the Central Highlands of Arizona.

The first couple may not be "in focus".

Blame it on the Catalyst.

This first one is a fuzzy pink cloud blob as sunset was nearing one recent day.

I think it kind of looks like a cotton ball.

If cotton balls were pink.

Or orange.

Oh well, onward.

These are the Black Hills of Arizona, underneath a colorful but stormy looking sky.

And, yes, they really are called the Black Hills, just like the much more famous ones in South Dakota, though I don't think most people around here actually call them that.

More likely Mingus Mountain, which is really kind of a misnomer because that's only one peak in the range, which also includes Windchute Mountain.

And maybe others.

(See what I learned from reading maps?)

At any rate, Mingus is the highest point at a little over 7,800 feet.

My friend, Tim (Timmer), who lives in Colorado, would call that a hill.

But there's a great view of the Verde Valley from the top.

And there's a take-off ramp for daredevils who fly hang gliders down to the valley below.

But back to the pictures.

This next one is even in focus.

Well, it's sort of in focus.

I love this type of sky.

Do you know what it's called?

Everybody from Bing Crosby to Willy Nelson has recorded this song but I've always been partial to the guy who wrote it (with Jack Brooks).

Have a nice day.