Sunday, April 12, 2015


According to the wizards at Blogger who keep track of such things this is my 2,000th post on this blog.


To think when I began writing this blog I was only a young lad.

Actually, y'know, Blogger is wrong. I can't remember when I began this blog but I wrote it for a long time, then got tired of it and dumped it. Then after awhile I began writing it again. Then I apparently deleted the new one. Then, on March 2nd, 2008 I brought it back to life once again with this post.

Due to a vast number of (well, okay, a few) requests, I am bringing back Oddball Observations for another run at blogging. This will be the third time and I can only hope it's a charm. The next time I get bored with blogging, I will try my best not to delete my blog. I'll just put up a notice saying I'm "On Hold" until the juices start flowing again.

There was a little bit more but nothing of importance. To be totally accurate, I doubt that anything I've written in the ensuing seven years has been "of importance." It's just given a longtime journalist and writer the opportunity to keep plying the keys.

So thanks for reading and commenting or maybe just "lurking", as the saying goes. I'm not going anywhere, at least that I know of, so I'll just continue trying to make Oddball somewhat interesting, if not "of importance."