Friday, September 8, 2017


It is a little difficult to be cheerful as this weekend approaches, Gentle Readers.

Southeast Texas is struggling to pull itself out from under the disaster that was Hurricane Harvey.

The Caribbean has been devastated by Hurricane Irma, which is now headed for Florida, and Hurricane Jose is following right behind.

And last night the largest earthquake to hit Mexico in a century shook Chiapas, Oaxaca and even Mexico City with many people lost and severe damage in some areas.

So all in all while it may be hard to smile, my job is to try to lighten the mood somewhat so let us make an effort.

Like many of you, no doubt, I've got water on my mind this Friday so that will be our theme.

And . . . for good measure . . .

To all of the folks in the paths of hurricanes or earthquakes, be smart and stay safe this weekend and laugh when you can.

I'm thinking about you.

Here, kitty-kitty . . .