Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bloggers United!!!

Granny J of Walking Prescott has successfully organized another bloggers' gathering. That's her in the lower center of the picture with her back to you. .

About 20 people attended today's fete at the Casa Sanchez restaurant and a great time seemed to be had by all. The waitresses were very patient as they kept adding tables and chairs as more and more people gathered. And then everyone had to have an individual check but the ladies handled it beautifully. I'm sure the group will return.

The lady with the dashing white hair is Judy Arrar of Prescott Area Daily Photo. Her husband is on her right and to her left is Rob of Lemegeton.

Here is local photography guru, Rich Charpentier, who blogs at Airstream Chronicles Continued and computer programmer Dagny Romer of Dagny's Desk.

And last, but not least, the effervescent Sadira, a.k.a. Chickenbells of Foolsewoode and the ever-hungry Tom Check of Tombo's Blog.

There were more but your intrepid reporter failed to get all the information. At any rate this has begun to be a monthly gathering. No minutes, no agenda, just companionship and a chance to see the real faces behind the blogger screens.

Thanks, Granny J, for putting it all together!