Thursday, October 19, 2017


Oddly enough, no photos exist of tonight's meal.

I prepared about half of it.

Pepper Steak (steak au poivre) that I grew to love at a French restaurant (Restaurante Pierre) when we lived in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I learned to make it at home.

Tonight's meal was accompanied by a baked Russet potato topped with butter and sour cream and salt and pepper, asparagus, and a wonderful mixed salad, courtesy SWMBO.

She doesn't love steak like I do (though she does love this preparation) so it's a rare treat.

A little red wine, after aperitifs of whiskey and water and vodka and water, and (for me) an after touch of Sambucca straight up.

She topped her meal off with a bit of Death by Chocolate ice cream.

Do we dine well?

Yes, I think we do.

(Sorry for the absence of pictures.)