Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The past is passed

A former colleague of mine and I got in touch recently and have been exchanging some photos from our past. These two, that I received today, are of a going away party when my friend went across town to become my competitor. In the first photo, I have surprised him with a small gift of some kind. In the second photo he is being gracious and saying goodbye.
Two things stand out to me. #1, look how skinny we are! I've put on close to a hundred pounds since those days. #2, notice I am not without a cigarette in either photo. And that was inside of our studio, on the second floor. Nearly everyone smoked in those days and there were no laws about it. "Those days" - this was in 1968, some 41 years ago! (Incidentally, I stopped smoking, finally, 18 years ago but I still had to have a pacemaker installed a few years ago.)