Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here comes . . . something

It looks dangerous, sort of like a huge storm coming in from the Southwest to cover us in snow or rain or mud or lava or . . or . . or . . nothing.  As it turned out the cold front just blew through . . and I do mean blew.  It was cold(ish) and mighty windy in the afternoon.  But apparently it came and went so fast that it didn't have time to drop anything on us.

But that won't last.  The weathermen are predicting another much bigger cold front coming from the NORTHwest later in the week.  Those poor folks in Phoenix are going to have to suffer through temperatures in the 70's.  Brrrrr.  It will be a little colder up here in the "high desert", as it is called but I think it's a bit early for snow of any kind.

Oh, yes, we do get snow in Arizona.  Around here we may get an inch or two in a storm though it usually doesn't last long except on the north side of buildings where the sun can't reach it.  But 80 miles to the northeast, in Flagstaff, there are winters where they get 7 or 8 feet of it.  And there's a ski area, whimsically called the Snow Bowl, just outside of that town.  'Course it's a couple of thousand feet higher than around my neighborhood.

My elevation is just about the same as Denver but being further south we are saved from the big storms of winter, I guess.  I remember as a boy in North Dakota drifts so high we could climb up to the roofs of two story houses and slide right down to ground level on drifts of snow.  And ice-skating through town on the frozen-over streets.  And playing outside when it was 20 below zero.  I have no desire to go back to those "carefree" days.  Bring me some sunshine, balmy temperatures and some Mexican food!