Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Just after I published my last post, SWMBO came in and said "Look on the table."

Blackwell says "Don't even THINK about leaving me behind!"


As you all know by now, we're moving.  Again.  The last time we moved I swore it would be the last time.  That was 10 months ago. 

As everyone knows moving is one of those experiences one should never repeat.  I have moved somewhere around 30 times in my life. My brother has lived at the same address for probably 40 years.  Or more. So which one of us is the smart one?

Of course, it's really not all that bad.  We have hired a crew to come on moving day and fill the truck for us.  The BRD has volunteered to drive it to our next home, about 100 miles away.  And another crew has been hired to unload it.  So all we have to do is pack up all our life's possessions.  Not bad, right?

Dream on.

The constant packing is a chore.  And as we fill box after box, we begin to ponder the all important question.  Did we rent a big-enough truck? Or will it look like . . .

But I'm not worried.  Not really.  It will all be fine and will work itself out.

I grant you.  Sometimes my patience wears thin and I raise my voice. But then I'm reminded of this and I calm down fast.

Only a week to go, folks.