Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chalk Art

Prescott, Arizona, is a place of festivals throughout the summer months.  Today there were a couple of them.  First the Summit Bank chalk art gathering, in which artists of all ages and talents are invited to use the parking lot for their creations.

As noted, the talent runs the gamut here.  But everyone has a good time.

This artist, Lysa Ashley from Corona, California, is in a professional division.

The subject matter runs from realistic to cartoon characters.

This fellow has the right idea, stretched out on a chaise to work on his art.

Another one of the professionals from California, Lori Escalera from Vista.

The festival is in its second or third year and continues to gain in popularity, for the artists and for the onlookers.

Tomorrow, I'll show you some scenes from a European motorcar stopover.