Thursday, August 20, 2015


Today's Throwback Thursday post has two purposes. 

First, as always, is to show you some photos of lives in the past.

But this week it's also to offer some relief to those of you suffering in blistering heat this summer.

So we begin with a photo of my late father from many decades back as he handled a regular chore he was used to around our home in North Dakota.

Do you see how deep that snow is?

He had to shovel a path just so he could get out of the house!

(I'll bet you're feeling cooler already, aren't you.)

Okay, let's flash forward a couple of generations. Here's a photo of my nephew, Dr. Barry, as he descended into the Grand Canyon on a visit.

You undoubtedly have noticed two things.

There is snow there so obviously this little camping and hiking trip was undertaken in the winter!

And secondly, he's wearing shorts! 

Obviously hoping that the temperature will rise as he gets lower into the Canyon.

Now just to show you that Dr. Barry is not totally in control of his senses, here's another photo of him on ANOTHER winter vacation.

Those white spots are snowflakes. He's up in the Boundary Waters area of Northern Minnesota, or someplace like it, skiing.

In a snowstorm!

Now, I don't want you to get the impression that he's the loony one in the family.

Here's a picture of his brother, Tim.

He'd been out skiing in Washington.

Now I've had a little fun with these boys but I love both of 'em. 

I just can't figure out why neither one of them took after their dear old uncle, who knows what to do when the weather turns cold and snowy.

He heads for somewhere warm.

Preferably near an ocean.

Where the locals now how to fix a fine piƱa colada.

Or at least where he can grab a cerveza in the sun.

(Now, don't you go makin' fun of my beads. They might be sacred.)