Monday, April 14, 2014


Regular readers of this blog are familiar with my BFF, Blackwell, who came to us as a scarred up little stray that I named Blackie Detroit.

But after a trip to the vet and some healing and the relaxation of being an "inside cat", he began to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  He needed a different name and, thus, became Blackwell.

He still has that cat-urge to go outside again, though.

He loves to sit on the ledge at a window and stare, morosely, at me when I'm outside and he isn't.

He's really enjoying the warmer weather and the open but screened windows.  And the other day he spotted an interloper just off our front patio.  He twitched and talked, bringing the attention of SWMBO and I. Here's what he saw.

That's a tiny wild bunny which we've seen around the neighborhood a couple of times.  He sat, still as a rock though he could tell he was being watched by that large black cat inside the house.  But he didn't seem at all nervous.  After awhile he engaged in some head scratching.

And then he was gone.

Blackwell, meanwhile, has found another viewing sight to look down on us as we are working in the kitchen.

How he gets to that level is nearly beyond our knowing as we have not seen him go up there.  But he seems to enjoy the spot, keeping a colorful wooden macaw company.

Until we spot him and order him down to his own level.  

Ah, the adventures of a cat.  Even an inside cat.