Monday, May 26, 2008

Accidental Scott

There's something you should know about SWMBO and I.

Though we've been married for 37 years, it's not our first rodeo.

I was married before and so was SWMBO.

And we both have sons named Scott! Curiously, I guess, my kids have never met her kids. And none of them are kids anymore.

This story is about SWMBO's Scott.

In this picture of him in California a year or two ago, I think of him as "Indiana Scott." Which is fitting, not just because of the hat, but because he actually lives in Indiana, where he grew up.

We had a telephone call from him about a week ago in which he told his mother "I thought I'd better call you before you find this out from somebody else."


Scott is a contractor and a remodeler and a damned good one at that. But he has a tendency to be a little stubborn. When a refrigerator was delivered to a construction site, he asked the delivery man with some help moving it into the house.

"Not my job", said the delivery man.

So Scott . . . being Scott . . . said "All right, I'll do it myself!"

Well . . . that didn't work out so well. The fridge fell over onto Scott, breaking two bones in his left leg.

He told his Mom that he had broken one of his own rules. He had employees on site who could have and would have helped him but his orneriness took over.

So, he had surgery and his left leg is now full of screws and staples and he's trying to be patient. That is not a good trait of his: patience.

But he has a sense of humor. Some years ago, some friends of his gave him a lift somewhere and as he got out of the car, he got hit by another car and broke two bones in his right leg.

As he told his Mom, "Now I've got a matched pair!"