Monday, July 17, 2017


What does it look like when the sky opens up?

Kind of like this.

The monsoon rains have definitely come to Arizona, as shown in the tragic story from this weekend when 9 people drowned in a flash flood that surprised them at a swimming hole where rain had not fallen.

The raging water, carrying trees and mud, came from where rain had fallen, miles away.

A 10th person is still missing.

Amazingly, this rainstorm I photographed earlier today, though headed right for us, never materialized in our area, though other parts of Prescott and Prescott Valley were drenched.

It's a good time of year to remind locals of the danger and to heed the advice: stay safe.


Judy has now passed the one-month mark since her accident.

She's reached the point now where she's frustrated at "how long" it's taking.

In spite of the fact that all the data says it takes 4 to 6 months.

We try to subtly remind her of that from time to time.

Meantime the back yard has been a busy spot with mockingbirds, the house finches, Say's phoebes, even a couple of huge pigeons paying visits to the bird bath.

And, of course, the mourning doves.

These (take your pick) bold or dopey birds will graze the gravel for bugs within a few feet of we seated humans.

I caught this one with his eyes closed about to take a dive into that inviting water.

They use their long tail feathers to balance themselves as they bend way over to get a drink.

In spite of their tenuous hold on the rim of the bowl and the level the water has evaporated down to, they never seem to fall into the water.

Except when they want to.