Sunday, September 14, 2014


Things that I am thankful for this evening.

That the Arizona Cardinals beat the New York Giants today and are 2 and 0 on the year so far.

That Billy Horschel won today's golf tournament and also the Fed-Ex Championship as Player of the Year.  Oh, and about 13+ million dollars.  His wife is due to have their first child in about two weeks. He'll need all that money.

That the Arizona State Sun Devils beat Colorado last night and are now 3 and 0 on the year so far.

That my wife, who wrote to a friend today that I have been hogging the living room t.v. watching football and golf all weekend so she's been holed up in her bedroom, hasn't said one cross word about it to me and came out to make us a fabulous dinner tonight.

What more can one man ask for?