Tuesday, July 1, 2014


General Motors has now recalled more than 28 million of its automobiles, dating back to 1997, for problems mainly with an ignition switch that can, and has, caused fatal accidents.  GM's relatively new boss, Mary Barra, was slammed with this growing problem virtually as soon as she took over.  It seems to me she has handled the problem well, bravely facing Congressional panels and members of the news media with equanimity and promises to fix the problem.

Lawyer Ken Feinberg has been hired to settle with families who have suffered fatalities stemming from the ignition problems and GM has put no restrictions in him.

All of which does not prevent the humorists among us from taking advantage of the seriousness of the issue to post a good joke.  At least I thought it was good.  Sometimes when all hell is breaking loose all around us it is good to have a sense of humor.