Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Turn your sound up.

This is Arizona, folks.

This crap ain't supposed to happen!


I was meandering around on this blog yesterday and checked to see how long I'd been writing it.

I was stunned to see it has been over 8 years!

My first post was on March 2nd, 2008 and it concerned my starting it up again.

This was my third attempt at blogging.

This is the 2,454th post.

That averages out to more than 290 posts every year!

What, one wonders, can one find to say for that much of one's life.

Nothing important, I'd guess.

Nothing earth-shaking.

Nor newsworthy.

Some time in the past I began copping out, sort of, on three days of each week.

Tuesday is devoted to Tuesday Travels.

Thursday is Throwback Thursday.

Friday is the Friday Funnies.

But with persistence, the number of page views has risen.

While, on a good day, I may get around a dozen comments, I know there are many more "lurkers" who check the blog from time to time.

In the 8+ years I've been posting here, I have accumulated more than 280,000 pageviews.

What do they find so interesting, I wonder.

I have contemplated stopping, like so many other once-upon-a-time bloggers.

Like I did twice before.

Still I keep plugging along, looking for something to fill these pages.

Many times, in desperation, I turn to music, and that's what I shall do today by taking the Wayback Machine to 1945 and Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

See you tomorrow.