Friday, November 23, 2012


I think Thanksgiving turkey feasts like we had yesterday are a thing of the past for us.  I still feel stuffed this morning and I had a miserable night.  Couldn't get to sleep for the longest time, rolled and tossed, then had a dream in which President Obama was defeated for renomination for a second term at the Democratic convention by the current President of France, Francoise Hollande.  I can't figure out where the hell that came from but I remember Obama was mad about it.

But back to the feast.  In spite of people who say "Oh, turkey.  There's nothing to it."  But you have to start several days ahead and the day of the feast is a minefield of timing all the various dishes.  Our turkey breast was done way ahead of time as was the dressing which left a short period of heightened activity to get the sweet potatoes and the Brussel sprouts ready before the other stuff got cold.

And then comes the ultimate insult.  After hours, or days, of preparation, it's all over in about 20 minutes!  You wait and wait, nearly dying from the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen, then you sit down and shovel the food into your mouth and almost instantly it's all over!

Next year, I think we'll either ignore the day all together or go to a restaurant for a lesser celebration.

As for all the artificial bonhomie . . .

And then there is the day after shopping, which actually began on Thanksgiving itself this year.  I am not a shopper so I avoided the mass hysteria and downright nasty behavior by the crowds going for those one in a million sale items.  But it certainly can leave a bad taste in one's mouth to observe the unruly crowds on television.

Bah! Humbug!  Now we've got Christmas to get through.