Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Signs of the times

In an area of north Prescott where I frequently drive, I noticed a sign added to a road sign the other day.

I had to stop and get close to read it, though. Considering that many motorists whiz by at more than the 15 mph speed limit, I wonder how many of them have had the chance to read the words.

Can't beat the neighbors for giving it a try, anyway. We all have more time than we think.


  1. Dont get me started on the speedsters! A young girl put her foot down, & roared past us, angry. At the next lights she was beside us, & still there at the next roundabout. What price or gain, from impatience?

  2. Yes, I've had that same thing happen frequently. My father taught me when I was a young, speedy driver that 60 miles down the road at a stop sign I and the other guy were still together.

  3. Exactly my observation, as well.

  4. I suspect we all become wiser as we get older, eh?


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