Friday, January 29, 2010

Man, that's a big dog!

SWMBO is always concerned about dogs riding in the backs of trucks without being leashed. She's concerned they'll jump or fall out. But they never seem to do that. This guy looked a lot bigger when he stood up with his front paws on the side rail. The next day I saw a truck going down the street with three German Shepherd's in the rear. Couldn't reach the camera for a shot, though.


  1. Oh they do jump out. But normally they learn their lesson the first time. When I was training my dog in a truck I just made sure to go out to the woods and drive down a bumpy road at a decently slow pace. He jumped, he tumbled, he came crying back to me. Didn't jump out after that. At least not while the truck was moving. :P

  2. Interesting. But I wonder how many dog owners have the decency to do that.

  3. I saw a man dragging his dog down the street because instead of leashing the dog from both sides of the truck bed, thereby keeping pooch in the middle of the bed, he just tied a long leash to the bed so that when the dog jumped out he'd be dragged until the owner noticed. The only reason he noticed was all the cars around him were screaming "you're dragging your dog" and honking their horns to get his attention.

  4. Oh, ouch. That even bothers a cat person!

  5. It has been made illegal to have a dog untethered on the tray of a truck or ute. Doesn't mean the law is obeyed though.
    We saw an open Jeep at the local shops, with 5 huge Huskies leaping about. When the owner came out, it was hard to distinguish him from his dogs!


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