Saturday, February 27, 2010

A rant

O.K. It's time for a rant. Those of you who don't want to read this should delete it now.

Our sainted Arizona legislature, overcome by Republicans, has decided rather than try to solve its budget crisis that the most important thing to do is to object to President Barack Obama's right to serve. To wit, that he is not a citizen of the United States. He has never produced a birth certificate that confirms that he was born in Hawaii (a state) but that his birthplace was in Kenya. There is a photo circulating on the Internet showing a sign that says "Welcome to Kenya, birthplace of President Barack Obama." Of course, it has been shown to have been Photoshopped and is totally false. But the "birthers" still proclaim it.

Now, a crazy woman from a place known as Skull Valley, in Arizona, has introduced a bill in the Arizona legislature to insist that future candidates for the presidency proclaim their birth as U.S. citizens.

It is obvious hatred.

What is painful is that some 40 members of the legislature (Republicans all) have signed onto this crazed piece of legislation.

What is wrong with them? Are they crazy? Or are they just so biased against a popularly elected president of the United States that their sensibilities have become enraged and biased?

Lucy Mason, Andy Tobin and their co-horts in the legislature should be ashamed of themselves.

And most of all . . . Judy Burges, who sponsored this abominable legislation.

If you, as responsible voters, have any common sense at all, you will vote against all of these people in the future.


  1. Isn't it tiresome? Amazing that anyone gives them serious attention.

  2. It's the same delusional craziness that Frank Rich writes about today-

    We've spent a good time laughing at the folks, but they are starting to present a real physical danger to the United States.

  3. Amen, brother. The stupidity, it burns. I've completely given up on Republicans. Not trustworthy. Their motto appears to be: fuck up what you can't steal.

  4. Well said, Cat. And I admire you for saying what so many are thinking. I agree with Colonel. It's getting scary now.

  5. Hear, hear Mr Cat! Some people are very strange indeed. At least everyone can now see the level of their crazines for themselves. x

  6. I am just saddened, and a little angry at times, at the obvious idiocy when I see things like this. It's okay if one disagrees with policy to stand up and make your argument, but it is beyond childishness to be so obvious in your smears.

    Rant on. I agree.

  7. Crazy, conniving and calculating. And very frightening. I worry about our future.