Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yes, I know.  I've been quiet again, especially here on my blog.  It's not due to any lingering pain from my angiogram.  In fact, I haven't had any.  Part of the reason for having the procedure was to see if opening up a couple of veins might eliminate the cramping I'd been having in my right calf.  And it seems that worked.  I made a trip to Sam's Club the other day, which as anyone who has ever been in one knows is about as big as a major league baseball park.  I walked briskly (or as briskly as I walk these days) and did not have a recurrence of the cramp.  But I told SWMBO afterward the real test will be when I go to a store and do a lot of slow walking, starting and stopping, and standing in one place for awhile.  Strangely, that seemed to bother me more than a brisk walk.  Well today was the day.  The first Wednesday of every month is what is known hereabouts as Old Farts' Day at a local supermarket.  Discounts galore and it draws hundreds, if not thousands, of what are politely called Senior Citizens.  We have avoided it frequently but the larder was low and SWMBO decided today would be a good day to load up and to test my leg.  There was no disappointment.  The store and the parking lot were both jam-packed.  I had to park some distance from the entrance, then go back out to find a spare shopping cart in the parking lot.  Then I was sent to the deli for a couple of items and stood waiting to be served for probably 20 minutes or more.  We got out of the store after something over an hour and all went well with my leg.  So that part of the mystery may be solved.

Now as to my Diamondbacks baseball team.  They had a very good 9-game road trip, winning six of the games, winning each series with San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco and finally catching the Giants again for first place last night.  Unfortunately today's final game was a bit different.  The team recently made a trade to acquire pitcher Jason Marquis because of his very good record of mastering the Giants.  He made his debut today and gave up 8 runs in 5 innings.  Oops!  So the Diamondbacks once again are one game behind the Giants.  And since it was an afternoon game, I'm looking forward to a quiet evening.


  1. I'm so glad the procedure has apparently fixed your cramping. That's the kind of walking that has traditionally bothered my hip - although now ANY kind of walking is painful. Not too much longer though (except, of course, for the therapy).

    I'm mostly disgusted with the two teams I follow - both of them aren't playing up to their potential. Grr.

  2. I love quiet evenings, both musical and real ones.

    Glad your leg is doing well. :)


  3. A good thing, the procedure not the game!

  4. Is there a procedure against humidity??

  5. Glad you are feeling better... and thanks for the video. I love quiet evenings and Carly Simon :)

  6. So glad you are doing well, but I hate all this "old fart" crap we are having to deal with. I go in for rotator cuff surgery tomorrow and I bet I could still have pitched a better game than Marquis did. I don't even want to think about how much they are paying him. Loved the song and am enjoying my quiet evening.

  7. great to hear about the improvement in your let. that is wonderful. and thanks for the great!


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