Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is a shrine, probably about a mile or less from where I live.

Wednesday evening, around 7:30, a vehicle was being driven at a high rate of speed, went out of control and overturned on the passenger side.  A 12 year old boy who was a passenger was ejected and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.  Another passenger, a 9 year old boy, had a broken leg.  The 21 year old driver of the car suffered only minor injuries.  He is in jail, facing a number of serious charges.  Police say drugs and alcohol may have been involved.

These shrines erected at the site of fatal accidents have been growing.  I can remember seeing much more simple ones from much earlier days.  This one has stuffed animals, notes to the deceased, candles and other decorations.

It was a tragedy, regardless of the cause, for many people.  The driver of the vehicle probably will go to prison.  The 9 year old will be haunted by the experience for years.  The family and friends of the dead boy will suffer.  And a young life has been snuffed out for no good reason.

It is all very, very sad.


  1. Yes it is very very sad. Whenever I see these shrines on the side of the road I'm reminded that driving is a privilege not a right, and I take extra caution to slow down, pay attention to what I'm doing, drive safely and give thanks for my good fortune.

  2. The story is truly devastating. Sometimes when I see a little white cross along side the road, my heart tugs at the horrible story behind it.

  3. How terribly sad. Lives ruined even for the survivors.

  4. When I see these shrines, I wonder at the lessons they might remind folk about.

  5. A wretched business.

    I know some people are uncomfortable with these shrines, but I really think when they are in dangerous spots they can remind us to take more care, which I suppose won't stop out-of-control drivers, but might just make much difference in another situation.

  6. I pass such a shrine on my way to work every day. A sheriff's deputy was hit by a car as he was putting up stop sticks to stop the very guy who killed him. The guy was in a high speed car chase.


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