Sunday, April 14, 2013


Our new Phoenix home is surrounded by plants.  We have big palm trees,

and smaller palm trees,

Bottlebrush shrubs,

and roses,

and mock roses,

and some I can't name yet.  Any help with the next two?

A couple of bougainvillea trees were badly burnt by a hard frost and had to be cut back this week.

But there's new growth and new color coming.

Then there are the potted plants SWMBO has planted on our patio.

A mix of petunias and cosmos.

All in all, I think Saint Frank approves.


  1. Lots of growing things there. Really looks good. Bet it takes lots of water.

  2. Mysteries solved! SWMBO said she thought the first unknown plant was lantana. It was. And Carol Lynde, a former colleague, told me on Facebook the mystery plants were lantana and fairy duster. They are.

    Thanks to the wise ones!

  3. Beautiful! A couple of those are painterly like. Lovely shots.

  4. Beautiful pictures, but shame on you for placing rocks on the back of that poor turtle. I'm dialing PETA!


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