Friday, May 3, 2013


Much has been made of Willie Nelson's 80th birthday recently and we join in the congratulations.  Willie, who is as well known for his marijuana habit as his singing, just keeps going.  At a concert in Florida after his birthday celebration in Abbott, Texas it was reported that someone tossed a hemp necklace to him as he came on stage.  He reportedly caught it in mid-air with a smile.  I don't know if the weed has kept Willie performing for all these years but a reviewer said he gave a rock solid performance for 90 minutes that night.

But today brings news of another legend of the music business.  Pete Seeger turns 94 today.  And he's still singing, recording and leading crowds through a rollicking performance of "This Land Is Your Land."

That's an early and a later picture of the great songwriter and performer.  You probably can't read the words printed on the face of his banjo.  It says "This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender."  Pete printed that after learning that his predecessor, Woody Guthrie, printed "This Machine kills Fascists" on the face of his guitar.

Pete was a member of the Weavers, a folk group from "way back". I saw him perform live a couple of times with Arlo Guthrie, the son of Woody.  If you get a chance to see them, it's a great show.

Happy birthday, Pete, and please keep on playing, singing and leading the rest of us to try harder.


  1. Happy birthday to both of these legendary performers.

  2. Mike and I LOVE Pete Seeger! He's such a fascinating man. We saw a documentary about him a few years ago - VERY interesting. All that work to clean up the Hudson River... And we have a tribute album (well, actually it's 2 CDs) with various artists singing his songs.

  3. Nice tribute post to a couple of American Icons. You get a sense you'd enjoy spending time with both of them.

  4. What an inspiration is Pete Seeger! When you listen to him you cannot help but feel his gentleness and compassion.

  5. Where are all the Pete Seeger nowadays? I wish we had more of these to refer to.
    Great post. I never paid much attention to the lyrics before, I did today...

  6. Yo, Pete 'n's wishing you many more! Thanks!


  7. Oh yes! Pete is one of the great ones.

    To understand how the dog and Scientology got connected, you have to go to Lowell's Ocala Florida blog.

  8. Birthdys are great. It means you are still around an kicking.

  9. "I have outlived my dick!"

    Willie Nelson on his 75th birthday


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