Thursday, May 30, 2013


Well, I loved this one anyway.  Judy and I each had doctor appointments with a new general practitioner.  He gave each of us a thorough examination and took down our medical history.  We both liked him.  

So wait a minute you're saying.  We each went to a doctor and for that I love Thursday?

Well, noooooo.  It was what came after the doctor visits.  I asked Judy what she wanted to do next and she said "I want some lunch!  And nothing fancy, just someplace to get a sandwich."

So we started out, not having any idea what we were looking for when I had an inspiration.  "How about Duck and Decanter?", I said.

Duck and Decanter is an old and famous sandwich shop which was launched in central Phoenix the year I first came to town.  The sandwiches are so good we once stopped there on our way to the airport and got our own airline food for our trip to England.  When we opened the bags on the plane we were the envy of the place.  We each had picked a sandwich called The Whole Thing - imported ham, oven roasted turkey breast and Italian dry salami.  The smell of garlic filled the airplane cabin and had mouths watering everywhere.

So today we went to "the Duck", as it is affectionately known.  I had today's special, the best Reuben sandwich I've had in years.

Accompanied by some great potato salad and a Smith's Nut Brown Ale from England.  Yummers for sure!

Now you see why I Love Thursdays.


  1. I assume the only reason you didn't get mugged on the plane because everyone had to keep their seat belts on. :) That would be torture.

    1. Actually, Joan, they were very nice about it, though they definitely were jealous.

  2. A good Reuben is a wonderful thing.

  3. Well now! I just think it's all very anti-social. Though on second thoughts, you did share your repast with the other passengers - after a fashion.

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  5. I have not been there since 1989 (when American Express moved their data center out of 24th St and Lincoln), I might have to suggest it to the Mrs.

  6. We used to love this place too, they had food to buy that you couldn't find anywhere else in the State :-) the Mesa location closed years ago but was so much fun with a mini lake and ducks...
    You must have so much fun to rediscover these places after so many years.

  7. I can see why that would cause envy on an airplane. You might have inadvertantly started a new trend in airline flight. ;)

    I once took an orange on an airplane and peeled it for a snack. It was fragrant just like your sandwich and caused heads to turn, too.



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