Saturday, May 11, 2013


I was out staring at the clouds the other evening as the sun set.

It may have been my cocktail but the more I looked, the more I saw.

If you look closely, and let your mind wander a bit, there's a face up there.  I swear it!

But then I saw this one, which really blew my mind.  It's a dead ringer for that drawing of a face with puffed out cheeks, blowing the clouds ahead of it, perhaps even blowing up some rain.

Am I crazy?

If you think I am, you've got to look at this video.  Just follow this link.  Enjoy and have a good weekend!


  1. How big was the cocktail? Well, at least it wasn't Jesus.

  2. Not crazy at all. I see 'ol puff face too. Unless....we're BOTH crazy!


  3. I can easily see the faces. Nothing stirs the imagination more than clouds, except for a properly stirred martini.

  4. You may be crazy but I did see those faces. A good cocktail and a great cloud show what a combination. Did you notice the one looked a little Like Abraham Lincoln

  5. Phil - No Jesus but I think they may be gods.

    Scott - Well, we knew we were both crazy before this, didn't we?

    Stephen - Stirred, not shaken?

    Tom - By golly that first one does look like Lincoln. Good eye. Or imagination!

  6. Catalyst: Where would we be without an imagination? Really crazy, probably!

  7. Can't picture the first face but definetly see the second one blowing into the sky. Have watched the clouds form figures since childhood, but then there wasn't much to do in Richland.

  8. That last picture is amazing! Looks like it's holding a finger up going Shhh!

    I saw that video yesterday - hysterical!

  9. Tom - Imagination and curiosity: the two most important qualities.

    Bonnie - LOL!

    Dana - I hadn't noticed the finger before. Good eye!

  10. I thought the clouds looked like Daniel Day Lewis.

  11. I actually saw this pair on the tonight show. How fun! Being a bit crazy paid off for them.


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