Saturday, June 22, 2013


SWMBO and I joined a friend for a night on the town last night.  We went to Scottsdale's Musical Instrument Museum to hear a concert by Iris DeMent.

SWMBO will hate it but here's a picture of us snapped by our friend after the show.

(the Old Folks released from the Home)

Iris DeMent is an acquired taste.  Her high, twangy voice is a reflection of her roots in a Pentecostal home in the Arkansas Delta.  She's the youngest of 14 children and is married to another favorite of mine from the old Prairie Home Companion radio shows, Greg Brown. Iris told last night how he charmed her music-loving mother by sitting on their couch and singing all the old Jimmy Rogers tunes.

Her first new album in 16 years is called "Sing the Delta" and here's the title song.

Like I said, Iris DeMent is an acquired taste: you either love her or you hate her.  I happen to love her and greatly enjoyed the concert in the acoustically perfect 300-seat theatre at the MIM.  Unfortunately the rest of the museum was closed but we plan to return and view all the exhibits one of these days.


  1. I enjoyed that a lot! She reminds me of Pam Tillis...

    You guys look great!

  2. Surprisingly, I like her. Very interesting sound.


  3. Wow! Great that you saw her. The clip is classic Iris. A wonderful video as well.

  4. She definitely has a polished country sound. Very nice.

  5. Interesting sound, handsome couple.

  6. Lovely! Thanks for the musical interlude, Bruce. And the photo of the simpatico couple is great too - nice to see the faces we're having conversations with and about

  7. The MIM is one of the best places, if not the best place, to see a concert. Been to several concerts and it was always terrific. You must see the whole museum but be prepared to be exhausted when you are done. Too much to see in one day.


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