Thursday, May 8, 2014


I was a tall and lanky (6 foot 2, 150 pounds) high schooler.  People used to ask me if I played basketball back then.  My standard response "No, but I was the tallest student manager in the state."

My good friend of some 40 years, Steve Torbeck, and I used to argue over which one of us was taller.  (Actually I think it was a tie but don't tell him I said that.)  But my last visit to a doctor's office(*) the nurse measured me and said I was 6 foot 1.  Uh-oh.  I've reached that age where I've started shrinking.  Well, at least in height.  I weigh considerably more now than my high school fighting weight.

But I didn't realize how much I had shrunk until I ran into this guy on the Courthouse Plaza in Prescott last weekend.

(*) - One of my recent sayings is about all the doctor visits SWMBO and I make:  "If we didn't have all these doctor visits, we'd have no social life at all!"


  1. My height story is exactly the same. My weight story, well, I like to say I am twice the man I use to be.

  2. "I'm not the man I once was and will never be again," From a movie with Michael Cain.

  3. I am definitely stockier than I used to be.

  4. I avoid the weight question altogether, and just say "I couldn't be happier if I were twins".

    As for those super tall guys - why do they always have such tiny feet? *wink*

  5. That guy must be part giraffe. I hope you're enjoying that Hawaiian shirt as much as I am.

  6. You look like Joe Cocker in your new picture. A younger Joe Cocker, that is.

  7. I was half an inch shorter the last time I was measured - what the heck! In no time at all I'll just be totally square :)


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