Saturday, August 9, 2014


This morning's emails revealed a world of chaos.

U.S. warplanes and drones are bombing Islamist jihadists in northern Iraq.

Hamas is once again firing rockets into Israel.  Israel is responding with air strikes.

Closer to home . . the Beautiful Rich Daughter has spent the past 24 to 48 hours under the covers, feeling sick, overworked, overstressed.

Our friend, DK, has moved into her new condominium in Phoenix but in the process has discovered one bed frame missing and injured her mouth in a silly accident.

I rose, as usual, about an hour and a half before SWMBO and began heating a teakettle of water for her morning cuppa.  Then I forgot about it and she discovered a dry kettle, very hot, with the fire still on under it when she came into the kitchen.  My bad.

My big black cat, Blackwell, received fresh water and fresh food this morning and came in and slept on the floor at my feet for an hour.  But a few minutes ago he was opening the cupboard door where his food is kept and letting it slam with a loud "THUMP". While he does this when he needs fresh food I think he also does this because he likes the sound.

So for all of us, let's just chill awhile and listen to Schubert's Serenade, beautifully performed on acoustic guitar by Johanna Beisteiner.


  1. Hearing some else's problems is great homeopathic therapy. Kind of like listening to the Blues. Your guitar picker is pretty good but her name, Johanna Beisteiner, doesn't follow the infirmity-fruit-president rule. Perhaps she could change her name to Sleep Apnea Apple Wilson to be better known.

  2. "…and so it goes!"
    The Beisteiner performance is lovely.

  3. This beautiful music sure calmed me down.Thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful music.

  5. My youngest girl is having some issues as well, health-wise. Everything else seems to recede into the background. Yeah, the mid-east. Where are we that our most successful attempt was Carter's, in '74.

    Nice pickin' by the guitarist, reminded me of Cooder's stuff, early years if he had slowed down.

  6. I thought I'd continue listening to this stunning rendition of Schubert while commenting, but alas, it has stopped so I will just have to go back to the beginning. :-)

  7. Ahhhh! So lovely. Music from the heart.

  8. What a life! Good or bad, we are alive,

  9. The world is crazy, but that music was lovely! Thanks!


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