Thursday, August 7, 2014


I have my old buddy, Danny Bananas, to thank for today's photo. He sent it to me yesterday from Bismarck, North Dakota where we once worked together.

Frankly, I have no memory of publishing this desperate plea for help from the hoi polloi but there it is.  In black and white.  So I can't deny it.

Therefore, from the late 1960's to you . . .

(I like the way I neatly lined up the three cities on a typewriter in a pre-computer age!)


  1. Another skill made obsolete by automation.

  2. You were just ahead of the smart phone curve.

  3. Maybe you should modify that ad and sell it to our local newspaper. Last Saturday, lighening struck the local Costco and shut it down and there wasn't anything in the Prescott Courier.

  4. I once considered hanging out at contentious familes during holidays, but decided it was just too could find trauma to fix just wandering the streets.

  5. I still like the look of typewriter written letters. I never got the chance to pound the keys of a typewriter. Of course not knowing how to type didn't help.

  6. Not reminding this probably either means you were not that desperate or that life is well done and that one tends to remember only the good parts of it like this one part.
    You have such nice buddies!
    Do you still have the typewriter?
    I know a couple of college kids who use a typewriter to slow down with their thoughts when they write :-)

    1. I no longer have the typewriter, nor many more that came in their wake.

  7. Here's one for ya: "Dewey beats Truman". :)


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