Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Autumn and the indications of winter are definitely present here in Arizona.

The land of scorching heat has taken a turn for the cooler weather we will have for a few months now.

Yesterday was a day of constant rain showers and intermittent, though brief, sunshine.

The big tree in our front yard has become its name - a red maple.

It contrasts nicely with the green and gold leaves of other neighborhood flora.

The view toward the mountains is framed with those colors.

I couldn't help but think of my California plein air painter, Lana, when I gazed at that view.

Further north in Flagstaff there has been a light dusting of snow.

Old Man Winter is not far away, I fear.


  1. He does seem to show up every year.

  2. "FEAR" is right! It said 39 degrees on my Chromecast screen this morning. First day I've turned on the furnace. I walked with my LED zipper light in the mist this morning before 7 AM. I don't mind the cold since I have all manner of Midwest winter clothes, but it's the lack of daylight for my morning dog walk. One of our neighbors saw 3 mule deer with big racks on the golf course. All the wild life is moving around. Mice included!

  3. The red maple is a gorgeous site. The autumn color your favorite plein air painter is seeing out west are the grape vines which also turn beautifully in the fall. We skipped going to the Eastern Sierra this year and thus missed that beautiful gold and yellow.

  4. I'm gathering the last of my lime crop in cool and rainy (off and on) SoCal. The acorns are raining down on the house day and night. I have windrows of them.

  5. The fall colors make me want to paint a landscape. Plus, landscapes don't complain like people sitting for a portrait.

  6. Looking out my window and seeing snow on the ground instead of the warm Mediterranean.

  7. I have a blog friend who recently moved to Munds Park, AZ & they got a LOT of snow yesterday!

  8. Maple trees are my favorites in Autumn! Thks for the view.


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