Friday, August 19, 2016


TGIF again.

Do Fridays seem to you to come around faster these days?

If so, you may be getting old.

We had rain and thunder and lightning here yesterday and I was thinking  "with all of that power how could we corral it to do some good?"

And then it came to me.

Moving right along . . .

All right, Gentle Readers, that should give you a good start to a happy, sappy weekend full of joy and laughter.

Once again, thanks to all of my contributors, I couldn't do it without you.


Here, kitty-kitty . . .


  1. I AM that lady with the shotgun and wet floors! I may post that at the back door as a warning.

  2. Nothing about swimmers.


  3. That old lady with a shotgun is a hoot!

  4. That last one is TOTALLY true!

  5. These are great! Cheers. Have some chuckles this weekend.

  6. Some Friday's the only way I know it's that day is your column. So thanks.
    BTW, I have a visitor coming from LA, and I have a week to turn my house into what's been my bachelor pad for the last 4 plus years into something someone else would consider putting down their coat in...............I'm renting a floor cleaner tomorrow....

  7. Looks like the lab would rather complete the testing in private!

  8. Wonder if that ice cube entree was made with filtered water? If not, then YOU'RE GONNA DIE! ;)

  9. The Fridays come faster and faster. I don't worry about wet floors, I know the cats are going to walk on them immediately. Yup, that's labs for you.


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