Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More flowers - more snow!

I wonder if this is what is called a rose arbor.

Some different colored neighbors.

But . . . what's that in the distance? We had rain here last night but up on Mingus Mountain, it was what an old disc jockey friend of mine used to call Celestial Dandruff.


  1. LOve the floral archway, nice. Wish I had room for something like that.

  2. A friend out in the pines came out to a white car today. :) Crazy AZ weather!

  3. Mal-I - I've been waiting for several years for the two rose plants to join over the top. So far, they're being stubborn.

    Tombo - A friend told me they had 2 to 5 inches up around Flagstaff.

  4. I'd call it an arbor, tho usually the trellis for the roses is straight up and down on the sides, rather than slanted. BTW, I brought the wet weather from the Mid-south, where it's always W*E*T.

  5. Beautiful photos. Snow in May? That's insane...

  6. WP4 - Thank you.

    GJ - We thank you for the "wet" but enough with the snow, already!

    CC - Indeed!

  7. Your flowers look divine. But the snow?? Brrr.

  8. Meg - Yes, the snow was falling a little late this year. But it was all gone the next day.


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