Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics Fever

I was about to turn out my light and go to sleep when SWMBO called from the other room: "Did you see that?"

I obediently padded down the hall and said "What?"

She said a woman from a two-woman bobsled team had just been thrown out of her sled and skidded down the track on her backside.

I asked if the sled had run over her and SWMBO responded "No, she was behind it."

I unfeelingly said "I don't really have any use for the Olympics, winter or summer."

SWMBO responded sharply "Oh, yes, you'll watch 9 months of baseball or football games on television."

. . . . .

After thinking that over, I returned to the fray and said, smartly, "Baseball is the national pastime and I'd certainly rather spend my time with it than to watch a bunch of silly girls fall out of sleds or a bunch of girly-guys use brooms to sweep the ice in front of what they call a stone!"

. . . . .

I know.

I'm going to pay for that.


  1. Figure skating and ice dancing are awesome. The women have little teeny costumes and... well, anyway- I watch with Amy just to keep her company. uh huh.

    Also, things like the snowboard cross are fun because you have 4 people on the course together and they usually wipe each other out.

    I may not have the right attitude about all this, I guess...

  2. Colonel - Your attitude sounds about right to me!

  3. We get it live starting around seven in the evening. I've watched some of the down hill skiing. The cross country just takes to long. My first and last ski adventure was about 45 years ago. One lesson and I decided I was more into summer sports. Now if they had a snow shoveling competition, I could get into it. Expecially after this winter.

  4. Steve - I was just talking to a guy from Minnesota yesterday and told him about my younger experiences in skiing in North Dakota. Since we had no sizeable hills, we hung onto a long rope tied to the rear bumper of a car that pulled us over a snow-covered golf course. Got pretty boring.

  5. Cat, I saw a short video, where some folks did that in Texas. They used surfboards in canals and were pulled by a pickup with a long rope. As a kid, I tried to surf with an old ironing board. I'm originally from California. Needless to say, it didn't work to well.

  6. Probably about as successful as my attempt to float gracefully to the ground by jumping off the roof of a shed while holding an open umbrella! (I thought I could be the Penguin from those old Batman days!)

  7. While I admire the talent and training involved...I'm just not much into winter Olympic sports. And in some cases, I think there is more art involved than sport.

    That said....out of amusement I watched some Women's Curling with the brooms and everything. I'm still trying to figure out how they can bend so low to the ice.

  8. I offer you a haven, if you ever get to our corner of the globe! We won't watch a minute of any Olympics.
    On the other hand, I am rather averse to any sport, so you would hate it!
    What do you think about the suggestion of Pole Dancing as an Olympic Sport??